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The Mobile Network Guide is a resource for those seeking up to date information on the mobile phone networks in Australia. Here you will find a variety of information relating to mobile network terminology, mobile service providers, how to improve your mobile coverage, latest news and further resources.

Australian Mobile Networks

Mobile Carrier
GSM Frequency
3G Frequency
LTE Frequency
Downlink Data Speed*

The AMTA provides an up to date list of mobile phone towers searchable by town or city.
(shutdown end of 2016)
850 (NextG)
900 (planned)
700 (some areas)
2600 (planned)
20 Mbps
90 Mbps

2300 (Optus Plus)
700 (planned)
2600 (some areas)

21 Mbps
87 Mbps
850 (phasing out)
850 (some areas)


7.2 Mbps
16 Mbps
* This is the peak network speed, download speeds will vary according to your location, modem type, network status and signal level. Current as of October 2014
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Guide to Improving Mobile Signal

Learn the different ways to increase your mobile internet speeds using MIMO antennas and smart repeaters.

Guide to Improving Internet Speeds

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    Latest Network News

Country phone users 'ripped off' by lack of choice of telcos: Vodafone

17 October, 2014

REGIONAL Australia is paying $100 million in unnecessary phone premiums every year, an Albury conference heard yesterday..
Vodafone celebrates 21 years in Australia

16 October, 2014

Vodafone is celebrating 21 years of mobile services in Australia by rewarding its customers with free standard international phone calls to its 10 most popular overseas call locations this weekend.
Telstra is best, but even worst Australian mobile networks not bad by European standards: report

7 October, 2014

Telstra has been crowned the winner in a benchmark test comparing Australia's mobile network operators across voice and data services, followed by Optus and Vodafone.
Optus expands 4G using newly acquired spectrum

7 October, 2014

Optus will use its new 700MHz and 2600MHz spectrum to bring 4G services to up to 200 new locations around the country over the next six months.
Govt reveals 6000 mobile black spots

7 October, 2014

The Victorian Government is pushing for more than half of the federal government funding allocated Australia-wide for sites identified by the public as being mobile coverage black spots.
Vodafone 4G up and running in Adelaide

6 October, 2014

Vodafone Australia has switched on its low-band 850MHz 4G network in Adelaide, as the three major carriers continue to piece together of their respective 4G offerings
Telstra warns of phishers targeting 700MHz spectrum trial

2 October, 2014

Criminals are attempting to trick Telstra customers into handing over personal details through phishing emails targeting Telstra's trials of new 700MHz spectrum.
Optus' Coverage Maps Show Its Massive 700MHz 4G Rollout

23 September, 2014

When it paid $650 million for long-range 700MHz spectrum in 2013, we all knew that Optus would be putting it to good use for fast and expansive mobile network coverage — but we just didn’t know when. Optus’ new coverage map shows its future 4G Plus rollout zones, covering much wider areas around Australia’s capital cities
Major upgrade doubles download speed for Optus 4G

22 September, 2014

OPTUS has flicked on the switch on a major speed upgrade of its mobile network, which will ­double the download speeds of its 4G services. The upgrade positions Optus as the first telco in Australia to commercially launch LTE-­Advanced Carrier Aggregation, which greatly improves the speed performance of mobile networks by bonding multiple radio ­frequencies.
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    New Product Review

Nextivity Cel-Fi Smart Repeater

Finally there is an approved consumer repeater available in Australia for use on Telstra's Next G® Network

If you have ever suffered from poor mobile reception in your home or office, you will understand the frustration of slow internet browsing, poor call quality and moving to a certain spot to get reception.

Nextivity’s Cel-Fi Repeater is a great solution for those wanting to improve indoor 3G coverage for their smart phones or mobile broadband devices. The system works by grabbing the 3G signal from outside or at a window, boosting the signal and then rebroadcasting it inside.

Generally you can expect a coverage area of around 600m², enough for the average home or small office. The Cel-Fi system can handle multiple mobile devices, including smart phones and mobile data modems. It will only support a 3G signal, not 2G or 4G.

                                                                                                     UPDATED: Cel-Fi is now available for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

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