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The Mobile Network Guide is a resource for those seeking up to date information on the mobile phone networks in Australia. Here you will find a variety of information relating to mobile network terminology, mobile service providers, how to improve your mobile coverage, latest news and further resources.

Australian Mobile Networks

Mobile Carrier
GSM Frequency
3G Frequency
LTE Frequency

The AMTA provides an up to date list of mobile phone towers searchable by town or city.
(shutdown end of 2016)
850 (NextG)
900 (planned)
2600 (some areas)

2300 (ACT)
2600 (some areas)

850 (phasing out)


    Mobile University

    Our mission is to educate you on any topic to do with the mobile networks. In this section we offer information, downloadable guides and handy reference charts in an easy to     understand way.... Enter Mobile University

Learn how to improve your mobile signal, what causes poor signal and solutions to fix. Download your free copy today.

Guide to Improving Mobile Signal

Learn the different ways to increase your mobile internet speeds using MIMO antennas and smart repeaters.

Guide to Improving Internet Speeds


Learn what the current situation is with LTE in Australia, the expected developments in 2015, and the range of antennas that can be used to take advantage of the expected changes.

LTE Guide for 2015

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 Mobile Networks Frequency Chart

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    Latest Network News

Vodafone demonstrates 5G with robots, VR streaming

12 October, 2016

Vodafone has publicly shown off trial uses for 5G technology at the University of Technology Sydney today, including robotics and virtual reality streaming.
Govt rejects Vodafone's $594m bid for spectrum

7 October, 2016

Vodafone's half a billion dollar offer for a slice of the 700 MHz spectrum it declined to bid for in the Commonwealth's 2013 spectrum auction has been knocked back by the government, which will take the unsold spectrum to auction instead.
Optus joins Australian 5G race

6 October, 2016

Singtel-owned telco Optus has joined rivals Telstra and Vodafone to announce trials for 5G services, using its 3.5GHz radio-frequency spectrum.
Vodafone to kill 2G network

30 September, 2016

Vodafone will switch off its 23 year-old 2G network in exactly one year's time to reallocate spectrum to data traffic and reduce the load on its 4G network.
Vodafail returns with seven-hour Vodafone outage

26 September, 2016

A seven-hour outage to Vodafone's 4G network last night sparked the re-emergence of the nightmare 'Vodafail' movement the telco has been working aggressively to distance itself from in recent years.
Telstra showcases 5G in live trial

21 September, 2016

Telstra has deepened its commitment to 5G mobile networking, demonstrating its first trial of the technology publicly at its network operations centre in Melbourne yesterday.
Telstra triples uplink speeds and hits gigabit downlink speeds in live network demonstration

9 September, 2016

Ericsson today announced the achievement of another commercial milestone in the delivery of high speed mobile broadband data, by being the first to deliver LTE speeds of up to 1Gbps LTE on the downlink and up to 150 Mbps on the uplink using a single device on Telstra’s live network.
Vodafone buys MVNO partner

7 September, 2016

Vodafone will take over the local operations of its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) partner Lebara Mobile and its 130,000 customers, for an undisclosed acquisition fee.
Regional Australia needs roaming

7 September, 2016

Regional Australia is missing out. If you live in cities, you can take your pick of world class 4G networks. But if you live in regional Australia, you either haven’t had service or haven’t had a choice.
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    New Product Review

Nextivity Cel-Fi Smart Repeater

Finally there is an approved consumer repeater available in Australia for use on Telstra's Next G® Network

If you have ever suffered from poor mobile reception in your home or office, you will understand the frustration of slow internet browsing, poor call quality and moving to a certain spot to get reception.

Nextivity’s Cel-Fi Repeater is a great solution for those wanting to improve indoor 3G coverage for their smart phones or mobile broadband devices. The system works by grabbing the 3G signal from outside or at a window, boosting the signal and then rebroadcasting it inside.

Generally you can expect a coverage area of around 600m², enough for the average home or small office. The Cel-Fi system can handle multiple mobile devices, including smart phones and mobile data modems. It will only support a 3G signal, not 2G or 4G.

                                                                                                     UPDATED: Cel-Fi is now available for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone on both the 3G and 4G networks.

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