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Optus: SMS and voice up, pumps ‘mocial’, data and NYE predictions

29 December, 2014

Optus has finally released voice and SMS stats for Christmas to Boxing Day 2014, rising from 2013 by 3%, voice calls by 5% and a huge rise in data.

New technology to zero in on emergency calls

18 December, 2014

Callers in emergency situations will now have their locations automatically sent to 000 as part of new capabilities from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and emergency services.

Australia gets poor marks for connectivity satisfaction

11 December, 2014

Australians are the least satisfied mobile customers among nine developed and emerging countries surveyed in a Juniper Networks report.

Time to fix mobile black spots

9 December, 2014

AT over 60 community meetings in 38 regional and remote electorates around Australia in the past 15 months, I have heard a very clear message: people living in these areas want better mobile coverage.

Canberra get enhanced Optus 4G rollout

8 December, 2014

Optus users in the ACT are in for a speed boost with the telco announcing enhanced 4G coverage across Canberra, moving from 2300MHz to 700MHz.

MPs to influence black spot program

8 December, 2014

Australians living in towns and regions with vocal political representation are more likely to benefit under the federal government’s mobile black spots program

China Telecom to launch mobile service in Australia

3 December, 2014

China Telecom is set to announce the launch of a mobile phone service in Australia this month reports the Beijing Morning Post

Study shows Australia heading mobile only

3 December, 2014

Australians are increasingly moving to a mobile-only approach to telecommunications, and demand for data and content is rapidly increasing due to booming popularity of mobile devices, research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority has found.

Telstra tipped to lose mobile share to Optus

28 November, 2014

Telstra is set to start losing mobile market share and profit growth to a resurgent SingTel-Optus and stabilised Vodafone Hutchison Australia, according to Credit Suisse’s latest research.

Vodafone forced to deny sale speculation

24 November, 2014

Vodafone Australia – and the international Vodafone Group - needs to be very careful what it says. The smallest comment will set off the rumour mill.

Vodafone flicks the 4G+ switch on 678 sites

17 November, 2014

Vodafone is switching on 678 4G+ network sites in Victoria today and plans to enable another 71 sites within the next six weeks.

Optus switches on 4G in 40 regional areas

17 November, 2014

Optus is accelerating its 4G rollout across Australian regional areas, with 4G 2600MHz services now switched on in sites across 40 regional centres.

Google, Telstra trial balloon internet in Queensland

17 November, 2014

Google's mission to bring internet to regional areas of the world via high-altitude balloons has arrived in Australia, as the company prepares to kick off a 20-balloon trial with Telstra in Queensland

Queensland riddled with 900 mobile phone black spots

15 November, 2014

QUEENSLAND is riddled with almost 900 mobile phone black spots, with some of the highest concentrations on Brisbane’s doorstep.

Optus’ 4G cash splash pays off as users jump aboard

13 November, 2014

Optus is beginning to see tangible results from its $2 billion investment into its 4G network, today reporting an almost 100 percent increase in mobile subscribers to its 4G services.

Australian MVNOs: 3G or 4G?

10 November, 2014

Mobile users looking for lower prices for higher data caps often turn to mobile virtual network operators like Vaya, Lebara and Amaysim. However, many MVNOs do not yet offer the 4G services sold by the big three telcos.

The impending crunch in the race to 5G

3 November, 2014

2020 is shaping up to be crunch time for the next generation of wireless telecommunications technology, and although most industry players are still vague on the specifics of what it will look like, the 5G era is set to see plenty of bandwidth sharing and carrier aggregation, and lots of cheap, fast devices.

Telstra 4GX: All you need to know

3 November, 2014

REMEMBER when 3G first came out? Then Telstra rolled out the ‘Next-G’ network?Well, today Telstra officially unveiled its new mobile network technology 4GX which is essentially the new Next-G network for 4G.

Telstra expands 700MHz '4GX' rollout to Brisbane, Hobart

3 November, 2014

Telstra is moving to differentiate its new 4G network expansion into the 700MHz spectrum band, labelling the network "4GX".

Optus 4G expands reach in Darwin

3 November, 2014

Optus customers with compatible devices will now get faster mobile Internet in Greater Darwin as the telco expands its superfast 4G services beyond Darwin’s central business district.

Telstra strikes Motorola broadband network deal

30 October, 2014

Telstra and Motorola have inked a deal to provide a public safety broadband network.The solution will be based on the LTE Advanced Network for emergency services, products and services developed by Telstra.

Country phone users 'ripped off' by lack of choice of telcos: Vodafone

17 October, 2014

REGIONAL Australia is paying $100 million in unnecessary phone premiums every year, an Albury conference heard yesterday..

Vodafone celebrates 21 years in Australia

16 October, 2014

Vodafone is celebrating 21 years of mobile services in Australia by rewarding its customers with free standard international phone calls to its 10 most popular overseas call locations this weekend.

Telstra is best, but even worst Australian mobile networks not bad by European standards: report

7 October, 2014

Telstra has been crowned the winner in a benchmark test comparing Australia's mobile network operators across voice and data services, followed by Optus and Vodafone.

Optus expands 4G using newly acquired spectrum

7 October, 2014

Optus will use its new 700MHz and 2600MHz spectrum to bring 4G services to up to 200 new locations around the country over the next six months.

Govt reveals 6000 mobile black spots

7 October, 2014

The Victorian Government is pushing for more than half of the federal government funding allocated Australia-wide for sites identified by the public as being mobile coverage black spots.

Vodafone 4G up and running in Adelaide

6 October, 2014

Vodafone Australia has switched on its low-band 850MHz 4G network in Adelaide, as the three major carriers continue to piece together of their respective 4G offerings

Vodafone 4G up and running in Adelaide

6 October, 2014

Vodafone Australia has switched on its low-band 850MHz 4G network in Adelaide, as the three major carriers continue to piece together of their respective 4G offerings

Telstra warns of phishers targeting 700MHz spectrum trial

2 October, 2014

Criminals are attempting to trick Telstra customers into handing over personal details through phishing emails targeting Telstra's trials of new 700MHz spectrum.

Optus' Coverage Maps Show Its Massive 700MHz 4G Rollout

23 September, 2014

When it paid $650 million for long-range 700MHz spectrum in 2013, we all knew that Optus would be putting it to good use for fast and expansive mobile network coverage — but we just didn’t know when. Optus’ new coverage map shows its future 4G Plus rollout zones, covering much wider areas around Australia’s capital cities

Major upgrade doubles download speed for Optus 4G

23 September, 2014

Telstra will cease development of 900 MHz + 1800 MHz for its LTE-Advanced network to instead focus on pairing 1800 MHz with its newly acquired 700 MHz spectrum

Optus launches carrier aggregated LTE on 2300MHz spectrum

22 September, 2014

OPTUS has flicked on the switch on a major speed upgrade of its mobile network, which will ­double the download speeds of its 4G services. The upgrade positions Optus as the first telco in Australia to commercially launch LTE-­Advanced Carrier Aggregation, which greatly improves the speed performance of mobile networks by bonding multiple radio ­frequencies.

Major upgrade doubles download speed for Optus 4G

22 September, 2014

OPTUS has flicked on the switch on a major speed upgrade of its mobile network, which will ­double the download speeds of its 4G services. The upgrade positions Optus as the first telco in Australia to commercially launch LTE-­Advanced Carrier Aggregation, which greatly improves the speed performance of mobile networks by bonding multiple radio ­frequencies.

Vic 000 operator slams telcos over mobile location delays

19 September, 2014

Victoria’s central triple zero operator has criticised the country’s telcos for not moving fast enough to deliver critical location information about emergencies phoned in from a mobile device.

Demand exceeds funding for mobile blackspots program

17 September, 2014

Local councils, state governments, and Australia's mobile telecommunications companies will battle it out until April next year to secure funding for the 250 mobile towers to be funded by the federal government, with over 6,000 blackspot locations reported across the country.

New impartial benchmark to compare Australia’s mobile networks

16 September, 2014

Australia’s daily telecommunications journal CommsDay and international consulting, engineering and testing services company P3 communications announce the launch of a new annual comparative benchmark for Australia’s three mobile networks. The report will objectively evaluate and compare the performance of the Optus, Telstra and Vodafone networks from the user’s perspective, based on an extensive and comprehensive series of tests conducted each year.

How Vodafone Australia left customers' mobile voicemail accounts exposed to hacking

15 September, 2014

An 18-year-old security researcher from Sydney who found a flaw in Optus' mobile voicemail service has found another vulnerability, this time in Vodafone Australia's voicemail system.

Telstra expands 700 MHz LTE network

11 September, 2014

Telstra has unveiled a $1.3 billion investment plan to expand coverage of its LTE (4G) network to 90 percent of the population and to exploit its recently acquired 700MHz spectrum by enabling compatible devices to use 700MHz and 1800MHz frequencies simultaneously to boost bandwidth

iPhone 6 to give Telstra $500 million lift

2 September, 2014

Surging demand for Apple's iPhone 6 will increase Telstra's domination of the mobile market and win it an extra $500 million in revenue, according to Morgan Stanley Research analysts

Vodafone quietly tests NBN Co fibre for tower backhaul

31 August, 2014

Vodafone is using National Broadband Network (NBN) fibre to supply backhaul to a number of towers in Australia, after years of lobbying the government-owned company for such a service.

Telstra trials 4G 700MHz services in Sydney, Adelaide

26 August, 2014

Telstra will add Sydney and Adelaide to its trial of 4G services on new blocks of 700MHz spectrum in mid September, ahead of the formal commencement of access licenses in early 2015.

Telstra hits 16 million mobile users, reports $4.3bn profit

14 August, 2014

Australia’s largest telco Telstra today reported a 14.6 percent jump in net profit to $4.3 billion and an increase of 937,000 mobile customers, which pushed its total mobile base to 16 million for the full year to June 30.

Optus restructuring drags down net profit

14 August, 2014

A $24 million price tag for Optus’ last three months of workforce restructuring dragged down the net profit of both the telco and its parent SingTel in the last quarter.

Vodafone bets on billion-dollar boost to network

4 August, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia chief executive Inaki Berroetta says his company has spent almost $1 billion on its network alone over the past 12 months as part of its plan to fix the business and catch its rivals, Telstra and SingTel-Optus.

Mobile broadband boosts Australian economy by $34bn

31 July, 2014

MOBILE broadband boosted Australia’s economic activity by $34 billion last year, with app development employing 140,000 workers as Australia recorded a surge in smartphone use.

New market share data shows rise of MVNOs

30 July, 2014

A new analyst group has entered the Australian mobile phone research market. The firm’s first lot of data shows a sharp rise in usage of mobile virtual network operators MVNOs).

Vodafone refarms spectrum to boost 4G network

29 July, 2014

Vodafone will re-allocate the 850MHz spectrum used for its 3G network to expand its 4G coverage, joining the race against Telstra and Optus as Australia's biggest telcos look to beef up their 4G offerings.

Telstra and Optus force customers to upgrade phones or miss out on new 4G networks

29 July, 2014

AUSTRALIA’S two biggest telcos will force customers to upgrade their phones and tablets to use new 4G networks as the network additions do not support most smartphones, including Apple iPhones and flagship smartphones from Sony and Nokia.

Telstra prepares to shut down 2G network

23 July, 2014

Telstra will close down its 2G network before the end of 2016, and is expected to reuse the spectrum for 4G technology once the network's existing customers are migrated onto 3G and 4G

Vodafone still bleeding mobile customers

23 July, 2014

Vodafone Australia has not yet been able to stem the tide of mobile user losses despite a dedicated turnaround effort, losing a further 137,000 mobile subscribers in the six months to June

Optus gets ACMA nod for early 700MHz 4G launch in Darwin and Perth

21 July, 2014

The central business districts (CBDs) of Darwin and Perth have gained a head start in commercial access to Optus’ 700MHz-based 4G, with the telecommunications provider having switched on the network today.

Telstra, Optus gain early access to 700MHz 4G spectrum

21 July, 2014

Telstra and Optus have secured early access to the 700MHz spectrum auctioned off by the Government last year, and will switch on the first 4G services in the band in a number of areas around the country over the coming weeks.

Mobile and internet woes frustrate farmers

15 July, 2014

NSW farmers are being forced to climb trees, on top of sheds or drive kilometres from home to get a decent mobile phone signal.

NSW prison extends trial to jam phones

9 July, 2014

A PHONE-JAMMING trial at a central west NSW jail will be extended for three months.

Telstra to hyper-connect Adelaide Oval

9 July, 2014

Telstra is set to pump millions into making Adelaide Oval one of the most connected stadiums in Australia, with the telco to beef up the mobile capacity available for fans.

Vodafone marks the end of Crazy John’s

9 July, 2014

Iconic Australian mobile phone retailer, Crazy John’s, will cease to exist on September 30 after more than 23 years of business. The decision is at the hands of Vodafone, which began to reform the subsidiary under its own brand in January 2013

Turnbull brings Triple Zero emergency line into 21st century

8 July, 2014

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a review to improve Australia's emergency phone line service by making better use of mobile technologies.

Mobile coverage the missing lifeline in country Australia

4 July, 2014

A $100 million fund to improve mobile coverage will deliver results for remote and rural communities, writes Paul Fletcher.

Telstra ‘strangling competition in the bush

4 July, 2014

MACQUARIE Telecom has accused Telstra of unfairly using its market dominance to strangle competition in the bush and is urging the competition regulator to intervene and use its powers to loosen the telco giant’s grip on remote Australia.

NBN rural and remote fixed wireless coverage hits 100,000 premises

1 July, 2014

NBN Co's fixed wireless service in rural and remote areas has risen nearly fourfold in the past year to 106,000 premises.

Australian airlines to offer uninterrupted mobile device use

25 June, 2014

Australia’s air safety regulator has concluded it is no longer unsafe for mobile phones and tablet computers to be switched on during take-off and landing.

Vodafone, Optus mobile networks down as Telstra's ADSL takes a hit

19 June, 2014

Vodafone and Optus’ mobile networks took a blow on Thursday, June 19, with the telecommunications providers confirming mobile network outages throughout the day, while Telstra experienced ADSL service disruptions.

Vodafone's network goes down across Australia

19 June, 2014

Vodafone has offered its users a weekend of free data after experiencing major network issues which downed nationwide mobile services for several hours, in an afternoon when customers of all three Australian network providers suffered degrees of service interruptions

Telstra reaches for regional Australia with 700MHz spectrum

17 June, 2014

Telstra has hit speeds of 235 Mbps in a test of 4G mobile broadband using 700MHz spectrum in Perth.

After 29 years, ‘I’m going into a tunnel’ will no longer cut it in Melbourne

10 June, 2014

The 29-year run of phone call-free trips through Melbourne’s underground City Loop rail line could soon come to an end, with the state government set to switch on mobile services.

Vodafone works on better connection

9 June, 2014

Vodafone Australia's new chief executive says its big data plans and cheap international roaming will enable it to carve a niche from Optus and Telstra as the company tries to regain the trust of Australian mobile users.

Planning minister calls for undue mobile tower restrictions to be relaxed

6 June, 2014

In response to concerns about the siting of network towers raised by the Member for Kwinana in Parliament, WA Planning Minister and Member for Kalamunda, John Day said the State government had plans to review the state’s planning policy for telecommunications facilities.

Vodafone chief plays it coy on recovery

2 June, 2014

OPTUS will today unveil a new range of aggressive mobile phone plans as it attempts to lure almost a quarter of Telstra’s mobile subscriber base and reinvigorate the No 2 telco’s once booming ­mobiles business.

Optus takes mobile revenue war to Telstra

2 June, 2014

OPTUS will today unveil a new range of aggressive mobile phone plans as it attempts to lure almost a quarter of Telstra’s mobile subscriber base and reinvigorate the No 2 telco’s once booming ­mobiles business.

Telstra warns of looming slowdown in mobile sales

27 May, 2014

Telstra has warned investors and analysts its market-leading mobile subscriber growth, which is partly responsible for its rocketing share price, will slow in the second half of financial year 2013-14

Telstra brushes off threat from Optus network revamp

26 May, 2014

Telstra retail group executive Gordon Ballantyne says the company “is not concerned in the slightest” by rival SingTel-Optus’ move to ramp up network investments to $1.2 billion over the next 12 months

450Mbps network speeds over LTE

15 May, 2014

Australian telecommunications giant, Telstra, has hit network speeds of 450 megabits per second (Mbps) by coupling the 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands on LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation

Optus boosts yearly profit despite tough quarter

15 May, 2014

Optus has managed to lift its net profit for the full fiscal year by 14 percent to $835 million despite a tough last three months, thanks to its ongoing efforts to cut costs and restructure the business

No rush on mobile coverage

15 May, 2014

THE Coalition’s election pledge to spend $100 million fixing mobile black spots has been spared the budget axe but it will still be more than 12 months before the first equipment is installed.

Regional Western Australia lands $45m for mobile coverage

9 May, 2014

Over the next four years, the Western Australian government is slated to enter phase two of its Regional Mobile Communication Project, as AU$45m was allocated in the state's budget yesterday.

Wireless towers to double in bush

8 May, 2014

Hundreds more wireless towers will be installed for the National Broadband Network, contributing to a blowout of a third in the cost of providing super-fast internet to the bush.

‘We messed up’: Virgin Mobile Australia chief

6 May, 2014

Virgin Mobile Australia’s chief has issued a statement to its customers saying that the company had 'messed up' and offered his 'sincerest apologies' for an outage over the weekend that left hundreds of thousands of post-paid customers without mobile service for hours.

Virgin Mobile outage leaves customers without phone service

3 May, 2014

Virgin Mobile customers languished without phone service on Saturday after the national network suffered a partial collapse on Friday night.

Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X: a world first

30 April, 2014

During our visit to the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, we were very proud to announce that Telstra and Huawei were set to launch an exciting new mobile broadband device that will help bring the next evolution in 4G technology to Australians. The day has arrived.

Vodafone confident users will not see network woe redux

30 April, 2014

New CEO of Vodafone Australia, Inaki Berroeta, says that the company is reversing the stigma attached to the telco since the infamous network problems experienced by Vodafone users in the latter half of 2010.

Vodafone CEO admits negative perceptions linger

30 April, 2014

Vodafone Australia's recently appointed CEO Inaki Berroeta has admitted that in spite of major investments in improving its network, the company has not yet shaken negative perceptions about the quality of its service.

Optus gears up for battle

19 April, 2014

OPTUS is set to make its biggest infrastructure investment in more than a decade in its ­mobile network this year as the No 2 telco prepares to utilise a new tranche of wireless spectrum that the company says will reinvigorate its fight against Telstra

Vodafone customers return as earnings beat estimates

10 April, 2014

Customers are returning to Vodafone after it lost over 1.2 million customers over 2013 at a time when Telstra substantially grew its subscriber base.

Telstra pressures Vodafone to disclose your 4G mileage may vary

10 April, 2014

Fresh from a victory over Optus for ads for its population coverage, Telstra has now set its sights on forcing Vodafone to disclose that 4G speeds may vary on ads claiming the crown for 4G speeds in Sydney and Melbourne.

Australian internet speeding up

8 April, 2014

Australian internet is speeding up and people are downloading more than ever before, new figures show.

Telstra admits competition will slow subscriber growth

7 April, 2014

Telstra chief executive David Thodey has admitted the company's meteoric mobile subscriber growth will start to drop off over the next 12 months amid rising competition from rivals SingTel-Optus and Vodafone Australia.

Turnbull eyes private spectrum market

7 April, 2014

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has indicated he is open to the possibility of responsibility for management of spectrum allocation in Australia being taken from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and handed to the private sector.

State government announces mobile coverage upgrade for rail lines

3 April, 2014

Mobile coverage for tunnels on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs railway line was switched on this week, NSW transport minister Gladys Berejiklian has announced.

Vodafone 4G now in Tasmania

21 March, 2014

Vodafone Australia has switched on its 4G network in parts of Tasmania. The coverage is limited, but there are plans for a major expansion in the coming months.

Aldi mobile service suffers data outage

19 March, 2014

fault that temporarily prevented Aldi Mobile some customers from using cellular data services has been resolved according to a spokesperson for the MVNO.

NBN for mobiles push has support

17 March, 2014

ALMOST 70 per cent of people in regional Australia believe NBN Co's $1.1 billion fixed wireless program should also be used to provide mobile services, in a move that would subject Telstra to greater competition in the bush.

Optus, Virgin Mobile suffer major mobile outage

13 March, 2014

Optus, Virgin Mobile and Amaysim prepaid customers were impacted by a four-hour long nationwide outage affecting voice and data on Thursday night

Vodafone picks up 4G rollout pace

12 March, 2014

Vodafone Australia is accelerating the rollout of its 4G network, with the company announcing that it will be adding more than 100 new 4G sites across the country each month.

Vodafone calls for NBN Co rural mobile network

10 March, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia wants NBN Co to turn its $1.1 billion fixed wireless program into a rural and regional mobile network that could rival Telstra's

Vodafone takes fight to Telstra over regional mobile funding

9 March, 2014

Vodafone has told the federal government that the AU$100 million allocated to improve mobile coverage in regional Australia should aim to improve competition in regional Australia, rather than just funding more Telstra mobile towers.

Telstra nudges 40% mobile market share after picking up 400,000 extra customers, Vodafone starts comeback

7 March, 2014

Telstra’s consumer mobile market share is now nudging 40%, with the carrier picking up over 400,000 new customers during 2013, according to new Roy Morgan Research figures.

Telstra adopts Qantas pitch on opening mobile network

3 March, 2014

Telstra CEO David Thodey has said the foreign-owned mobile companies Optus and Vodafone could invest as much in their own networks as Telstra has.

Optus network sites hit 2.32Gbps in tests

28 February, 2014

Optus this morning claimed it had achieved record speeds at two mobile network test sites. The telco said it managed to reach 2.32 gigabits second at the sites in St Marys in Sydney’s west and in the Newcastle suburb of Lambton in Newcastle.

Telstra chief ready to take govt to court to defend mobile network

28 February, 2014

Telstra chief executive David Thodey has warned the company is prepared to take the federal government to court if it is forced to share its mobile network with rival players

Telstra unveils Wi-Fi hub with 300Mbps speeds

26 February, 2014

Telstra and Huawei have announced they will launch the world’s first LTE Category 6 mobile broadband device in Australia.

Telstra secures 5 devices for 300 Mbps premium 4G network

25 February, 2014

TELSTRA has secured five 4G-enabled smartphones and mobile broadband devices to use on its 700Mhz mobile network but is yet to settle on a date when the superfast network will be switched on next year.

Vodafone lost a million customers in 2013

24 February, 2014

Vodafone Australia lost more than 1.2 million customers in 2013, and admits it faces more work improving the perception of the company.

Telstra wins legal battle over Optus ads

18 February, 2014

Telstra has defeated Optus in a court battle over an Optus advertisement Telstra claimed misled viewers about the difference in geographic coverage between the telcos’ networks.

Cost cutting saves Optus profit from customer churn

13 February, 2014

Telstra’s recent $650 million investment into its mobile infrastructure has seen it add 739,000 retail mobile customers to its books in the six months to December 31.

Telstra pours $650 million into mobile infrastructure

13 February, 2014

Telstra’s recent $650 million investment into its mobile infrastructure has seen it add 739,000 retail mobile customers to its books in the six months to December 31.

Vodafone 4G goes live in Canberra

11 February, 2014

Telecommunications provider, Vodafone, has switched on its 4G network in Canberra, more than eight months after its initial Australian launch in July last year.

Victoria to lobby Feds for mobile blackspot funding

7 February, 2014

On the fifth anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires, Victorian technology minister Gordon Rich-Phillips has pledged to lobby the federal government to prioritise some of the state’s most vulnerable regions in its $100 million mobile black spot fund.

Vodafone stems customer losses in last quarter

7 February, 2014

Vodafone Hutchinson Australia (VHA) shed 22,000 customer connections in the last quarter of 2013, its lowest customer loss since the company embarked on a range of initiatives to stem customer churn.

Optus considers Vividwireless' 4G future

6 February, 2014

Almost two years on from its purchase of WiMax network vendor Vividwireless, Optus is considering the future of the company as more of its spectrum is used up by Optus' own 4G network.

Telcos troubled by customer dissatisfaction, MVNOs: Telsyte

4 February, 2014

Forty-six per cent of Australian mobile subscribers have switched services providers in the past three years, primarily driven by customer dissatisfaction and the competitiveness mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), according to Telsyte.

Telstra to conduct world’s first stadium trial of LTE Broadcast technology

31 January, 2014

Telstra will conduct the world’s first stadium trial of Long Term Evolution Broadcast (LTE-B) technology during tonight’s T20 International cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Optus completes 3G mobile network upgrade

30 January, 2014

OPTUS has completed a major upgrade of its 3G mobile network as the telco continues to fight back against Telstra's mobile market dominance.

Optus to start 2600MHz LTE trials

30 January, 2014

Optus will soon begin testing the effectiveness of 2600MHz spectrum for 4G services after negotiations with TV broadcasters and the communications regulator led to the granting of outdoor metropolitan trial licenses.

Vodafone claims one million 4G 'devices'

30 January, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia is claiming a million "devices" connected to its 4G network as aggressive pricing and marketing begins to turn around its fortunes.

Asia home to world's fastest broadband, Australia lags

29 January, 2014

Australia's broadband speeds improved over the past year, but continued to lag behind the US, Britain, and Asia, which has solidified its place as the world's epicentre for top-speed internet access.

Vodafone forces re-jig of mobile joint venture

29 January, 2014

SingTel-Optus and Vodafone Hutch­ison Australia were forced to alter the structure of a major infrastructure deal designed to topple Telstra’s dominance of the market after Vodafone failed to meet its obligations.

Telstra and Ericsson complete world’s first live test of APT700 band

24 January, 2014

Ericsson successfully supported Telstra, Australia's leading telecommunications operator, to test APT700 (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 700MHz) spectrum using Ericsson's new APT700 radio equipment.

'Exceptionally fast': Vodafone 'comfortably' trumps Telstra, Optus in 4G mobile speed tests

24 January, 2014

Vodafone offers the fastest 4G mobile broadband download speeds on average in Sydney and Melbourne, while Telstra offers the fastest 3G speeds, recent speed tests show

Vodafone ends two-year mobile freefall

24 January, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has recorded its first mobile subscriber growth in two years as part of the ­company’s turnaround strategy, just weeks before the appointment of a new chief executive.

Telstra 4G gets emergency warning system

22 January, 2014

Australian telecommunications provider Telstra will begin rolling out the location-based national emergency warnings system to its 4G network after signing a deal with the Victorian government.

Govt-funded mobile towers not due until 2015

22 January, 2014

The Federal Government isn't expecting to see the first fruits of its $100 million investment in mobile telecommunications blackspots until at least "some time in 2015".

Vodafone opens 4G to mobile broadband users

17 January, 2014

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has opened its 4G network to mobile broadband-only users for the first time, unveiling two modems and data plans of up to 8GB

Telstra pressures Boost to cut data allowance

15 January, 2014

Telstra has put pressure on one of its last standing mobile retail partners to cut its monthly data allowances in a move analysts say is designed to control competition and encourage customers onto Telstra's 4G network.

NBN Co reveals mobile backhaul trial

13 January, 2014

NBN Co plans to conduct a technology trial to determine whether its fibre infrastructure can be used to haul traffic to and from mobile phone towers.

Government wants help in spotting mobile black spots

6 January, 2014

Rural residents and holidaymakers visiting Australian regional towns and remote areas can now help the government identify which areas need better mobile coverage